• 28-June-2001


    Improving Policy Instruments through Impact Assessment (SIGMA Paper No. 31, 2001)

    This publication deals with impact assessment in a wide sense, including policy analysis (impact assessment for choosing the instrument), assessment of a policy instrument during the drafting stage and evaluation of existing laws or programmes. Special emphasis is given to impact assessment during drafting.

  • 16-June-1994

    English, PDF, 149kb

    Improving the Quality of Laws and Regulations (SIGMA/OECD, 1994)

    In June 1993, a SIGMA workshop on Improving the Quality of New Laws and Regulations was held at the Joint Vienna Institute in Austria. Each chapter presents "quality techniques" for improving the quality of laws and regulations. These techniques provide a menu of ideas that may be adapted on a case-by-case basis to suit specific reform objectives.

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