• 12-February-2014


    Government Debt Management and Operational Risk (SIGMA Paper No. 50, 2013)

    Through an analysis of Turkey’s Undersecretariat of Treasury, SIGMA Paper 50 presents an overview of key operational risks and recommendations on how to develop a framework for managing them, and provides lessons learnt that can be applied in debt management units and related treasury functions across a wide range of countries.

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  • 29-June-2001

    English, PDF, 1,958kb

    Managing Public Expenditure : A Reference Book for Transition Countries (SIGMA/OECD, 2001)

    This reference book covers all aspects of public expenditure management from the preparation of the budget to the execution, control and audit stages.

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  • 30-June-2000


    Public Procurement Review Procedures (SIGMA Paper No. 30, 2000)

    This paper guides central and eastern European countries that are seeking to join the European Union on how to identify the public procurement review procedures best suited to each country’s specificities. These countries are adapting their existing public procurement legislation to the European Council "Remedies Directives".

  • 29-June-2000


    Centralised and Decentralised Public Procurement (SIGMA Paper No. 29, 2000)

    This paper reviews the experience of selected EU countries. The establishment in many central and eastern European countries of public procurement offices that are not responsible for actual purchasing but set national policy, organise training, draft legislation, etc., represents a great change from the earlier central monopoly purchasing systems.

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  • 28-June-2000


    A Comparison of the EC Procurement Directives and the UNCITRAL Model Law (SIGMA Paper No. 28, 2000)

    The EC Procurement Directives were introduced into the European Union to further the EU’s policy of enabling enterprises from all EU states to compete fairly in public procurement markets. Now that many countries of the region are candidates for EU accession, they must adapt their laws to EC Directives. The aim of the chart is to assist in that process.

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