• 24-July-2017

    Macedonian, PDF, 311kb

    Below Threshold Contracts (Policy brief No. 15, September 2016, Macedonian)

    This brief provides an overview of the approaches member states have adopted below the thresholds. It concludes with further information on the way in which the rules and principles of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, basic standards, and some provisions of the Directives may impact on the procurement of below threshold contracts.

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  • 9-February-2017


    Managerial Accountability in Public Administration (Montenegro, September 2016, Macedonian)

    The objective of this SIGMA conference paper is to explain the notion of managerial accountability and to introduce a discussion about the practical aspects of its implementation. This paper was presented at the 4th Regional Conference on Public Internal Financial Control for EU Enlargement Countries held on 29-30 September 2016 in Montenegro.

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  • 23-June-2015

    Macedonian, PDF, 2,374kb

    Principles of Public Administration for EU Enlargement Countries (SIGMA 2014, Macedonian)

    Principles of Public Administration provide a detailed definition of good public administration that the Western Balkan countries and Turkey should be aiming for as European Union accession countries. These principles supplement the European Commission Enlargement package, which defined public administration reform as a pillar of the enlargement process.

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  • 14-April-2014

    Macedonian, PDF, 395kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 27: European Principles for Public Administration (1999, Macedonian)

    This paper attempts to identify the standards to which EU candidate countries are expected to conform in order to align their public administrations with those of EU Member States. Originating from SIGMA’s work on public administration reform in central and eastern European countries, it describes an important part of the basis of the SIGMA methodology for assessing candidate countries’ public administration capacities.

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  • 24-May-2013

    Macedonian, PDF, 374kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 26: Sustainable Institutions for European Union Membership (1998, Macedonian)

    This paper lays out basic principles, tools and issues for building institutions. The target audience includes all those involved in Institution Building within candidate countries, EU Member States, the European Commission and the aid community. The paper highlights the issues associated with building effective institutions while providing concrete examples of how Member States and candidate countries have responded to such challenges.

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  • 30-April-2013

    Macedonian, PDF, 1,176kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 42: Regulatory Management Capacities of Member States of the EU that Joined the Union on 1 May 2004 (2007, Macedonian)

    The European Commission requested SIGMA to carry out a study on the regulatory management capacities of the ten countries that joined the EU on 1 May 2004 to learn more about their Better Regulation practices, exchange good practices and make suggestions for further improvements.

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  • 30-April-2013

    Macedonian, PDF, 1,106kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 41: Public Procurement Review and Remedies Systems in the European Union (2007, Macedonian)

    This study provides a comparative analysis of the public procurement review and remedies systems of Member States. Twenty-four separate overviews of public procurement systems in the 24 participating Member States were produced.

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  • 30-April-2013

    Macedonian, PDF, 845kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 40: Central Public Procurement Structures and Capacity in Member States of the European Union (2007, Macedonian)

    This study provides an analysis of the functions, structures and capacity of the central public procurement bodies of Member States. Twenty-two separate overviews of public procurement systems in the 22 participating Member States were produced.

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  • 30-April-2013

    Macedonian, PDF, 508kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 36: Conflict of Interest Policies and Practices in Nine EU Member States (2005, Macedonian)

    This paper provides descriptive data and an analytical overview of approaches to managing conflicts of interest in the public sector of nine European countries — France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. It also provides some conclusions that are worth taking into account when reforming policies and instruments to improve regulations and practices on conflict of interest.

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  • 30-April-2013

    Macedonian, PDF, 541kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 35: Co-ordination at the Centre of Government (2004, Macedonian)

    This paper describes and analyses the functions and organisation of government offices in a comparative context, covering OECD member countries, central and eastern European countries (CEECs), and countries of the Western Balkans (ex-Yugoslavia and Albania). The analysis is based on information gathered by SIGMA and GOV since the mid 1990’s, supplemented by results of a written questionnaire administered by SIGMA and GOV in 2003.

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