• 13-November-2000

    Russian, PDF, 423kb

    Scope of Civil Services in European Countries, F Cardona, SIGMA, Maastricht 13-14 November 2000 (Russian)

    This paper was presented at a seminar organised by the EIPA in Maastricht on 13-14 November 2000.

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  • 30-June-1998

    Russian, PDF, 155kb

    Structural Elements for Recruitment in European Civil Service Systems (Francisco Cardona, SIGMA, 1998, Russian)

    The recruitment procedures set up in the EU Member countries’ civil service systems attempt to combine two principles that, in some cases, are required by the constitution of the country.

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  • 26-May-1998

    Russian, PDF, 1,003kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 24: Central Bank Audit Practices (1998, Russian)

    The study provides a basis for further discussion between decision-makers and practitioners on how the audit regime could be developed to ensure good governance of central banks. It originates from a discussion on important audit issues which was arranged by the European Court of Auditors together with the presidents of supreme audit institutions (SAIs) of central and eastern European countries in 1996.

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  • 5-May-1997

    Russian, PDF, 612kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 21: Promoting Performance and Professionalism in the Public Service (1997, Russian)

    This report is on human resources management practices in the public administrations of four central and eastern European countries: Albania, Estonia, Hungary and Poland. It is based on information from 1996, and its focus is on public personnel management systems, management procedures and management practices and how they either support or hinder professionalism and appropriate conduct.

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  • 6-February-1996

    Russian, PDF, 397kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 5: Civil Service Legislation Contents Checklist (1996, Russian)

    This publication has been used as the basic framework for many SIGMA reviews of draft civil service legislation in Central and Eastern European countries. Yet the Checklist stands by itself as a practical document defining a professional, impartial and permanent civil service in legal terms.

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