• 29-August-2013

    Turkish, PDF, 994kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 10: Civil Service Pension Schemes (1997, Turkish)

    This publication is a tool for designers of new civil service pension schemes in Central and Eastern Europe. It presents civil service pension schemes in five OECD Member countries and ten Central and Eastern European countries.

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  • 27-May-2013

    Turkish, PDF, 406kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 5: Civil Service Legislation Contents Checklist (1996, Turkish)

    This publication has been used as the basic framework for many SIGMA reviews of draft civil service legislation in Central and Eastern European countries. Yet the Checklist stands by itself as a practical document defining a professional, impartial and permanent civil service in legal terms.

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  • 27-May-2013

    Turkish, PDF, 582kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 1: Top Management Service in Central Government (1995, Turkish)

    This publication aims to provide practical input to countries which are conducting the necessary analyses and preparing decisions. Indeed, development of a top management service is a task which must be undertaken in countries choosing to adopt such a service, taking into account national objectives and preconditions.

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  • 24-May-2013

    Turkish, PDF, 293kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 27: European Principles for Public Administration (1999, Turkish)

    This paper attempts to identify the standards to which EU candidate countries are expected to conform in order to align their public administrations with those of EU Member States. Originating from SIGMA’s work on public administration reform in central and eastern European countries, it describes an important part of the basis of the SIGMA methodology for assessing candidate countries’ public administration capacities.

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  • 30-June-2000

    Turkish, PDF, 309kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 30: Public Procurement Review Procedures (2000, Turkish)

    This paper guides central and eastern European countries that are seeking to join the European Union on how to identify the public procurement review procedures best suited to each country’s specificities. These countries are adapting their existing public procurement legislation to the European Council "Remedies Directives".

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  • 29-January-1999

    Turkish, PDF, 325kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 26: Sustainable Institutions for European Union Membership (1998, Turkish)

    This paper lays out basic principles, tools and issues for building institutions. The target audience includes all those involved in Institution Building within candidate countries, EU Member States, the European Commission and the aid community. The paper highlights the issues associated with building effective institutions while providing concrete examples of how Member States and candidate countries have responded to such challenges.

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