• 27-May-2013

    Ukrainian, PDF, 19,387kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 4: Management Control in Modern Government Administration (1996, Ukrainian)

    This publication focuses on the control mechanisms and procedures that need to be built into an organisation’s systems in order to provide reasonable assurance that top management’s objectives will be met, rather than on the design and application of management information systems, which, we believe, are generally well understood in Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs).

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  • 27-May-2013

    Ukrainian, PDF, 2,936kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 3: Training Civil Servants for Internationalisation (1996, Ukrainian)

    The training of public servants to prepare for EU-accession was chosen as the case for a 1995 SIGMA seminar on "Training for Internationalisation" in order to expose Central and Eastern European countries to general and specific training needs as they prepare to meet their obligations under the Europe Agreements. This publication contains those papers presented at the seminar.

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  • 27-May-2013

    Ukrainian, PDF, 2,611kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 1: Top Management Service in Central Government (1995, Ukrainian)

    This publication aims to provide practical input to countries which are conducting the necessary analyses and preparing decisions. Indeed, development of a top management service is a task which must be undertaken in countries choosing to adopt such a service, taking into account national objectives and preconditions.

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  • 6-April-2007

    Ukrainian, PDF, 500kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 41: Public Procurement Review and Remedies Systems in the European Union (2007, Ukrainian)

    This study provides a comparative analysis of the public procurement review and remedies systems of Member States. Twenty-four separate overviews of public procurement systems in the 24 participating Member States were produced.

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  • 28-March-2007

    Ukrainian, PDF, 339kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 38: Political Advisors and Civil Servants in European Countries (2007, Ukrainian)

    While defining appropriate roles for political advisers is a highly relevant topic in most democracies and especially in EU NMS, as well as candidate and CARDS countries today, surprisingly little comparative information exists.

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  • 26-March-2007

    Ukrainian, PDF, 313kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 39: The Role of Ministries in the Policy System (2007, Ukrainian)

    This publication presents the steps in the policy process for assessing and developing the role of ministries in the policy process, as well as insights on how the policy process is currently organised in Western Balkan countries.

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  • 21-December-2006

    Ukrainian, PDF, 691kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 36: Conflict-of-Interest Policies and Practices in Nine EU Member States (2005, Ukrainian)

    This paper provides descriptive data and an analytical overview of approaches to managing conflicts of interest in the public sector of nine European countries — France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. It also provides some conclusions that are worth taking into account when reforming policies and instruments to improve regulations and practices on conflict of interest.

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  • 29-June-2004

    Ukrainian, PDF, 341kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 35: Co-ordination at the Centre of Government (2004, Ukrainian)

    This paper describes and analyses the functions and organisation of government offices in a comparative context, covering OECD member countries, central and eastern European countries (CEECs), and countries of the Western Balkans (ex-Yugoslavia and Albania). The analysis is based on information gathered by SIGMA and GOV since the mid 1990’s, supplemented by results of a written questionnaire administered by SIGMA and GOV in 2003.

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  • 28-June-2001

    Ukrainian, PDF, 792kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 31: Improving Policy Instruments through Impact Assessment (2001, Ukrainian)

    This publication deals with impact assessment in a wide sense, including policy analysis (impact assessment for choosing the instrument), assessment of a policy instrument during the drafting stage and evaluation of existing laws or programmes.

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  • 25-October-2000

    Ukrainian, PDF, 412kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 29: Centralised and Decentralised Public Procurement (2000, Ukrainian)

    This paper reviews the experience of selected EU countries. The establishment in many central and eastern European countries of public procurement offices that are not responsible for actual purchasing but set national policy, organise training, draft legislation, etc., represents a great change from the earlier central monopoly purchasing systems.

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