Montenegro and SIGMA


Montenegro flag


Status: EU candidate
Capital City: Podgorica
Population: 0.6 million
Currency: Euro


Montenegro was granted EU candidate status in 2010 and is currently at an active stage of the EU accession process. Since the conclusion of the screening process in 2014, significant progress has been made on individual negotiation chapters.

SIGMA is currently working with:

  • The Ministry of Interior on finalising the new PAR Strategy 2016-2020.

  • The Secretariat-General of the Government, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI) on establishing consistent minimum requirements for sector strategies.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration on analysing the institutional and legal conditions for the implementation of future EU Cohesion Policy programmes.

  • The Ministry of Interior on harmonising the accountability schemes for autonomous public agencies.

  • The Human Resource Management Authority on developing a competency framework for the senior civil servants.

  • The Ministry of Finance on improving the quality of Regulatory Impact Assessment in policy making and to increase the quality of analysing progress in developing internal control in public sector organisations.

  • The State Audit Institution assisting with the analysis of fiscal responsibility criteria.

  • The Public Procurement Agency providing support for the development of the public procurement system and the harmonisation of the Public Procurement Law with the new EU Directives.



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