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Montenegro flag


Status: EU candidate
Capital City: Podgorica
Population: 0.6 million
Currency: Euro


Montenegro was granted EU candidate status in 2010 and is currently at an active stage of the EU accession process. Since the conclusion of the screening process in 2014, significant progress has been made on individual negotiation chapters.

SIGMA is currently working with:

  • The Ministry of Public Administration on analysing the possibilities for rationalising state organisation; improving the legal framework in the area of access to public information; implementing the new regulatory framework in the civil service area; monitoring the implementation of the plan for rightsizing the number of state employees; and the use of citizen satisfaction surveys for improving the quality of administrative services.

  • The Ministry of Finance on improving the quality of budget impact assessments; the development of reporting on the quality assurance mechanisms for financial management and control; and aligning public procurement legislation with the EU Public Procurement Directives and strengthening the overall public procurement system.

  • The State Audit Institution on improving the internal organisation and the capacity to plan human and financial resources for audit work.

  • The Administrative Court on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative dispute resolution.



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