SIGMA Baseline Measurement Report for Moldova presented at high-level event


Chisinau 12 May 2016

Source of the photos: Government of Moldova
Chisinau 12 May 2016 Chisinau 12 May 2016

On 12 May SIGMA presented the findings of its Baseline Measurement Report on the public administration of Moldova at an event in Chisinau. The event was held before the second meeting of the National Council for Public Administration Reform, with the participation of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, the EU Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, members of the National Council for Public Administration Reform, development partners and other stakeholders.

The Baseline Measurement Report presents the results of the review and evaluation of the public administration in Moldova carried out by SIGMA against The Principles of Public Administration between October 2015 and March 2016. The review was carried out at the request of the Government of Moldova, supported by the EU Delegation, with the objective of providing findings and recommendations to help the Government of Moldova to design, prioritise, sequence and implement reforms, and the EU Delegation to plan public administration reform assistance.

During the event, the Prime Minister and the EU Ambassador welcomed SIGMA’s Baseline Measurement Report. The Prime Minister identified that public administration reform is a key component of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement and that the Government of Moldova is committed to this. He further highlighted that the outcomes and recommendations of SIGMA’s Baseline Measurement Report will form the basis for the development of the new strategy for reforming the public administration of Moldova that is currently being prepared.

Official press release by the Government of Moldova

Press release by the EU Delegation in Moldova

Main findings and recommendations from the EU Delegation in Moldova

Presentation by Marian Lemke and Alastair Swarbrick, SIGMA

Baseline Measurement Report Moldova (December 2015)


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