Second SIGMA Regional ENP East Conference on Public Procurement: Presentations



29 MAY


30 MAY


Mr. Bonifacio Garcia-Porras, Head of Unit G/2 Access to Procurement Markets, European Commission, DG GROW:

Key values and principles of a modern public procurement for jobs and growth

Ms. Maria Stylianidou, Professor of the Hellenic Open University, Member of the Single Public Procurement Authority, Greece:

The public procurement reform in Greece: implementation of the new EU public procurement directives and structural reforms

Mr. Marian Lemke, Senior Policy Adviser, SIGMA:

Principles of Public Administration as a tool for assessing progress in implementing public procurement reforms



Mr. Peder Blomberg, procurement expert, Sweden: 

Conditions for a successful centralised purchasing

Ms. Kenza Khachani, OECD, Public Governance Directorate, Public Procurement Unit: 

Centralised purchasing in the OECD countries

Ms. Ivančica  Franjković, Head of Sector, Ministry of Labour  and Pension  System, Croatia: 

Centralised purchasing in Croatia – a success?


Mr.  László  Kojnok,  Legal  Officer,  G/2  Access  to  Procurement Markets, European Commission, DG GROW: 

Working together for modern public procurement systems in the region

Mr. Bahadir Gasimov, Head of the Government Procurement Department, State Service on Antimonopoly and Consumers Rights Protection, Azerbaijan 

Improving the public procurement legislation  

Mr. Ruslan Malai, Head of Public Procurement Agency, Moldova:

Implementation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement 

Mr. Vahe Mahtesyan, Head of Procurement Processes Regulation Division, Ministry of Finance, Armenia: 

Challenges of harmonisation with international regulations (GPA and EEU)



Ms. Małgorzata Stachowiak, procurement expert, Poland: 

Selection of economic operators in public procurement procedures: overview of legislation and practice in the EU 

Mr. Daniel Ivarsson, procurement expert, Sweden:

Implementation of framework agreements in the EU


Ms. Carmen Raluca Ipate, Policy Officer, G/2 Access to Procurement Markets, European Commission, DG GROW: 

Boosting the digital transformation of public procurement in the EU

Ms. Liliya Lakhtionova, Ukraine, Director, Public Procurement Regulation Department, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine: 

Electronic procurement as a tool to increase transparency and efficiency – results achieved

Mr. Iuri Cicibaba, Policy Adviser, Ministry of Finance, Moldova: 

Establishing a new e-procurement system – dilemmas and challenges

Mr. Tato Urjumelashvili, procurement expert, Georgia: 

The future of electronic procurement



Mr. Silviu Popa, President of the National Council for Solving Complaints, Romania:

Requirements for an efficient and independent review system 

Ms. Alina  Tsaturyan, Advisor to the Member of Procurement Complaints Body, Armenia: 

Functioning of the review system

Ms. Olesea Stamate, President of AGER (Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance), Moldova: 

Monitoring public procurement processes by civil society 

Mr. Oleksandr Shkuropat, First Deputy Head of the State Audit Service of Ukraine: 

Auditing public procurement


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