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Making Supreme Audit Institution Twinning Successful (EC, August 2007)

Management Challenges at the Centre of Government: Coalition Situations and Government Transitions  (SIGMA Paper No. 22, 1998)

Management Control in Modern Government Administration: Some Comparative Practices (SIGMA Paper No. 4, 1996)

The Management of the Civil Service: European Models (Francisco Cardona, April 2009)

Managerial Accountability in Public Administration (Bečići, Montenegro, September 2016)
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Managing Public Expenditure: A Reference Book for Transition Countries (SIGMA/OECD, 2001)

Event documents

Modernising the Civil Service (Francisco Cardona, June 2009)

Monitoring of Public Procurement (Policy Brief No. 27, SIGMA 2017)


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Organising Central Public Procurement Functions (Policy Brief No. 26, SIGMA 2013)

Organising the Central State Administration: Policies and Instruments (SIGMA Paper No. 43, 2007)


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