• 27-May-2013

    Slovenian, PDF, 13,054kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 4: Management Control in Modern Government Administration (1996, Slovenian)

    This publication focuses on the control mechanisms and procedures that need to be built into an organisation’s systems in order to provide reasonable assurance that top management’s objectives will be met, rather than on the design and application of management information systems, which, we believe, are generally well understood in Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs).

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  • 21-March-2011

    Slovenian, PDF, 795kb

    SIGMA Paper No. 44: Sustainability of Civil Service Reformsin Central and Eastern Europe Five Years After EU Accession (2009, Slovenian)

    This paper examines the fate of civil service reforms that Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries undertook to prepare themselves for the EU accession that took place in May 2004 (5th EU enlargement).

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