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Reforming public administrations

Support for Improvement in Governance and Management has been working with partner countries on strengthening their public governance systems and public administration capacities for over 20 years

Why work together?

Picture of ReSPA meeting room for webpage on the PUP conference material which took place in Danilovgrad 20-21 June 2013

Lasting relationships and shared experience

SIGMA provides methodologies and tools to countries in transition to help them create a stable democracy and access the benefits of a free market economy. It offers examples of good practice from the EU as well as the OECD Member States.

News & Events

Albania EU candidate

Albania recognised as a candidate for accession to the European Union

The European Council officially granted EU candidate status to Albania on 27 June 2014. Since its application for membership in 2009, and with the support of SIGMA, the country has made significant progress with public administration reform, especially in the areas of civil service, public finance and audit, as well as public procurement.

Policy making in Montenegro

How is policy making undertaken in Montenegro?

Both an ambitious European integration agenda and the need for Montenegro to develop a more competitive economy require that national policy capacities are systematic, thorough and agile at the same time. SIGMA's review examines how policy making is organised in Montenegro, looking at both the Government and the Parliament. Photo: Government of Montenegro.

Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine sign an Association Agreement with the EU

Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine take a step toward closer ties with the EU

On 27 June 2014 Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine signed an Association Agreement and a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, providing them with access to the EU's single market. SIGMA works with these countries in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Instrument.

News item Algeria May 2014

Work with the Algerian Court of Accounts

In 2013, SIGMA conducted a successful peer review which will serve as the basis for the Court’s strategic development plan. This will enable the Court to become an independent supreme audit institution that operates according to international standards. The review was published on their website as an example of the increasing transparency and accountability of public governance.