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Celebrating 25 years

In 1992, OECD and the EU created a joint programme to focus on strengthening public management. Since then, SIGMA has worked with EU candidate countries and potential candidates, many of which are now EU members, and, from 2008, with European Neighbourhood countries.

Principles of Public Administration


A framework for good public administration

The Principles were first developed in 2014 to set out in practice what a well-functioning public administration looks like. Initially targeted at EU candidate countries and potential candidates, a version of the Principles has been developed for European Neighbourhood countries.

News & Events

Ukraine Baseline Measurement Report 2018 news item

Baseline Measurement Report: Ukraine

At the request of the Minister of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers, SIGMA has completed a baseline assessment of the public administration in Ukraine against the Principles of Public Administration. The report illustrates that Ukraine has begun ambitious public administration reforms of which initial positive results are visible, although many challenges remain.

ENP South SAI Conference June 2018 photo 1

Regional Conference for Supreme Audit Institutions of the European Neighbourhood South Region

SIGMA organised the Second European Neighbourhood South Regional Conference for Supreme Audit Institutions in Tunis on 20-21 June 2018. The event addressed the changing role of Supreme Audit Institutions in light of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Participants also discussed policies, initiatives and experiences in EU member countries and the region.

IPA Regional Public Procurement Conference June 2018 photo

Eighth SIGMA Regional IPA Conference on Public Procurement

SIGMA organised the Eighth Regional IPA Conference on Public Procurement in Bečići, Montenegro, on 13-14 June 2018. The event was co-hosted by the Montenegrin Public Procurement Administration. The conference provided an overview of the challenges of adjusting public procurement systems to the new international practices in order to enhance smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Second SIGMA ENP East Regional Conference on Public Procurement Ukraine May 2018 news item

Second SIGMA Regional ENP East Conference on Public Procurement

SIGMA, together with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, organised the Second Regional European Neighbourhood (ENP) East Conference on Public Procurement in Kyiv on 29-30 May 2018. The conference addressed recent developments and the challenges presented by the increasing pressure to adjust public procurement systems to international practice.

Joint Regional Conference organised by SIGMA and ReSPA

The primary objective of this event, held in Montenegro on 16-17 May 2018, was to bring closer together two key topics of public management: the professionalisation of the senior civil service and managerial accountability. The conference discussions were based upon two recently prepared SIGMA studies, from which key findings were presented.