Serbia and SIGMA


Serbia flag


Status: EU candidate
Capital City: Belgrade
Population: 7.2 million
Currency: Serbian dinar (RSD)




In December 2013 the European Council approved the opening of negotiations on Serbia's accession to the EU. The EU acquis communautaire screening process was completed in March 2015.

SIGMA is currently working with:

  • The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government on implementing a monitoring, reporting and evaluation system for public administration reform and on legislative amendments needed to enhance the effectiveness of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and the Ombudsman.

  • The Ministry of Finance on the implementation of certain measures included in the Public Finance Management Reform Programme adopted in 2015, and on improving the capacities of the Central Harmonisation Unit.



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Annika UudeleppSilhouette

Senior Adviser strategic framework of 
public administration reform
Tel: +33 1 85 55 13 04


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Project Co-ordinator
Tel: +33 1 45 24 83 56



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