Integrity risk assessment in the Jordanian public procurement system


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The SIGMA report on the Integrity Risk Assessment in the Jordanian Public Procurement System was presented to the wider public on 30 January 2017, in Amman, Jordan. The event was jointly organised by the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission of Jordan (JIACC) and SIGMA. It was opened by H.E. Mohammed Fahed AL-Allaf, President of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission and Ambassador Mr. Andrea Matteo Fontana, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Jordan.

The report analyses the integrity risks in the Jordanian public procurement system and also sets up recommendations on how to mitigate these risks and shortcomings. The report has been based on a comprehensive review of the policy, legal and institutional framework for the public procurement system. The review also covered the control, monitoring structure and integrity mechanisms of the Jordanian system.

The review aimed at implementing one of the actions envisaged in the Action Plan for the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy 2013-2017. Therefore, the main purpose of the review was to identify the governance, integrity and transparency weaknesses and gaps in the public procurement system that might contribute to or facilitate mis-spending, fraud and corruption cases. Public procurement is exposed to the risks of corruption and fraudulent practices. Public procurement stakeholders should be aware of all integrity risks, and should promote and preserve the integrity of the public procurement system through all stages of the procurement cycle, from procurement planning, to the awarding of the contract and contract management.

The Report provides policy makers with an opportunity not only to identify potential gaps in the procurement system but also to identify the key risk mitigation opportunities.

The event constituted an opportunity to discuss the broad lines of the Jordanian plans to implement the recommendations of the report with the main stakeholders.

The report is the result of joint efforts of SIGMA and a Jordanian project team composed of representatives of relevant stakeholders.

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Photos courtesy of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission of Jordan.


Speech by Ambassador Andrea Matteo Fontana, EU Delegation to Jordan

Corruption risk assessment of the public procurement system in Jordan: report in English I report in Arabic (available soon)

Presentation of the main findings by SIGMA experts on the corruption risk assessment of the public procurement system in Jordan: English I Arabic


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