International benchmarking seminar on realignment of public authority entities in Montenegro, Danilovgrad 9-10 October 2013


This seminar provided an opportunity to discuss international experiences of regulating independent agencies and other public entities and identify approaches that could be useful and inspiring in the harmonisation process to be developed in Montenegro.

It brought together participants from different ministries and Public Authority entities. The Ministry of Interior, in charge of public administration, invited the participants.

Agenda I BSC

Public entities in Croatia and in Serbia 
by Ivan Koprić I BSC 

Public entities in Slovenia
by Polona Kovač I BSC

Public entities: an international comparative analysis
by Salvador Parrado I BSC

Public entities in Estonia
by Margus Sarapuu I BSC

The public entities in Montenegro challenges and opportunities
by Djordjije Blažic I BSC

Principal-agent relationship: the role of ministries
by Victòria Alsina I BSC

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