• 13-March-2014


    Management Challenges at the Centre of Government: Coalition Situations and Government Transitions (SIGMA Paper No. 22, 1998)

    This report contains the papers submitted at the meeting of senior officials from centres of government in February 1997. The meeting was the second of its kind. In line with what the OECD countries have been doing on a regular basis for the past twelve or so years, SIGMA organises regular exchanges of information, experience and opinions at this level between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

  • 28-February-2014


    Co-ordination at the Centre of Government (SIGMA Paper No. 35, 2004)

    This paper describes and analyses the functions and organisation of government offices in a comparative context, covering OECD member countries, central and eastern European countries (CEECs), and countries of the Western Balkans (ex-Yugoslavia and Albania). The analysis is based on information gathered by SIGMA and GOV since the mid 1990’s, supplemented by results of a written questionnaire administered by SIGMA and GOV in 2003.

  • 12-February-2014


    Political Advisors and Civil Servants in European Countries (SIGMA Paper No. 38, 2007)

    While defining appropriate roles for political advisers is a highly relevant topic in most democracies and especially in EU non member States, as well as candidate and CARDS countries today, surprisingly little comparative information exists.

  • 12-February-2014


    Regulatory Management Capacities of Member States of the EU that Joined the Union on 1 May 2004 (SIGMA Paper No. 42, 2007)

    The European Commission requested SIGMA to carry out a study on the regulatory management capacities of the ten countries that joined the EU on 1 May 2004 to learn more about their Better Regulation practices, exchange good practices and make suggestions for further improvements.

  • 26-March-2007


    The Role of Ministries in the Policy System (SIGMA Paper No. 39, 2007)

    This publication presents the steps in the policy process for assessing and developing the role of ministries in the policy process, as well as insights on how the policy process is currently organised in Western Balkan countries.

  • 28-June-2001


    Improving Policy Instruments through Impact Assessment (SIGMA Paper No. 31, 2001)

    This publication deals with impact assessment in a wide sense, including policy analysis (impact assessment for choosing the instrument), assessment of a policy instrument during the drafting stage and evaluation of existing laws or programmes. Special emphasis is given to impact assessment during drafting.

  • 16-June-1994

    English, PDF, 149kb

    Improving the Quality of Laws and Regulations (SIGMA/OECD, 1994)

    In June 1993, a SIGMA workshop on Improving the Quality of New Laws and Regulations was held at the Joint Vienna Institute in Austria. Each chapter presents "quality techniques" for improving the quality of laws and regulations. These techniques provide a menu of ideas that may be adapted on a case-by-case basis to suit specific reform objectives.

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