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Reforming public administrations

Support for Improvement in Government and Management has been working with partner public administrations on strengthening their public governance systems and capacities since 1992.

Principles of Public Administration


A framework for good public administration

The Principles were first developed in 2014 to set out in practice what a well-functioning public administration looks like. Initially targeted at EU candidate countries and potential candidates, a version of the Principles has been developed for European Neighbourhood countries.

News & Events

SIGMA-ReSPA Public Administration Awards 2022

Recognising public governance initiatives in the Western Balkans

SIGMA and the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) have initiated the second edition of the Public Administration Awards to recognise successful governance initiatives in the Western Balkan region. This year, the Public Administration Awards are recognising the provision of better public services to improve the lives of citizens in the region.

SAI Network 16 March 2022

SIGMA organised a meeting for the Network of Supreme Audit Institutions of Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries and the European Court of Auditors in Paris on 16 March 2022. The event brought together the heads of the SAIs to discuss the strategic priorities for the Network, and the related development activities for the next three years.

SIGMA Ministerial February 2022 news item

SIGMA Ministerial Conference, Good Public Administration for Better lives in the Western Balkans

Building on the findings of the 2021 Monitoring Reports, this high-level conference on 22 February 2022 focused on the key messages and lessons learned at the regional level and provided a platform for ministers to discuss what is behind the successes and challenges for implementing public administration reforms in practice, as well as what can be learned from the crisis.

SIGMA Overview Western Balkans Monitoring news item

Regional overview and thematic summaries 2021 Monitoring Reports

The regional overview and regional-level thematic summaries show that progress was driven by improvement in the quality of regulations and policy documents, while implementation practices remain in need of improvement. Highlights of the monitoring findings are combined with fresh comparative regional-level analysis, EU comparisons and regional-level recommendations.

Governance SIGMA expertise

Organisation of public administration: Agency governance, autonomy and accountability (SIGMA Paper No.63)

This paper examines governance of public agencies in the Western Balkans and European Neighbourhood and the regulatory and managerial tools relating to their autonomy and oversight. It provides examples of good practice and a detailed analysis of EU acquis requirements for regulatory agencies.