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Reforming public administrations

Support for Improvement in Government and Management has been working with partner public administrations on strengthening their public governance systems and capacities since 1992.

Principles of Public Administration

Principles of Public Administration

A framework for good public administration

The Principles were first developed in 2014 to set out in practice what a well-functioning public administration looks like. Initially targeted at EU candidate countries and potential candidates, a version of the Principles has been developed for European Neighbourhood countries.

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Listen to the podcast: Fitting public administrations for new challenges through revamped EU standards

Why and how are the Principles of Public Administration being updated? In this episode, part of the WeBER2.0 podcast series, Gregor Virant, Head of the SIGMA Programme and Milena Lazarević, European Policy Centre – CEP Programme Director, talk about the process of revising the Principles and discuss lessons learnt after many years of experience in the Western Balkan region.

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SIGMA - GIZ Eastern Partnership Regional Fund Academies for EaP countries – 6-10 February 2023

This series of academies on Service Design and Delivery in a Digital Age will enable in-depth discussions, networking, exchanges between the countries in the region, and provide examples of inspiring EU practices. The first academy will focus on “User-centric design and delivery” and will be held in Paris. Other academies will be held in Moldova, Georgia and Berlin throughout 2023.

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Online consultation on the draft revised Principles of Public Administration - Closed 6 February

This consultation was held to ensure that the draft revised Principles benefits from the views and experiences of all relevant stakeholders. It was open until 06/02/2023 to businesses, trade associations, grassroots, civil society and international organisations, think tanks, research bodies, citizens, and government officials in EU candidate countries and potential candidates.

Public accounting reforms in the Western Balkans and European Neighbourhood, SIGMA Paper No.65

Western Balkans and European Neighbourhood countries are attracted by the transition from cash to accrual accounting in the public sector, which promises multiple advantages. This report helps to understand the balance of the benefits versus the costs of the reform, based on evidence from case studies of EU Member States and SIGMA partners and a review of the academic literature.

Service Design and Delivery in the ENP East, SIGMA Paper No.64

European Neighbourhood East countries are improving service delivery for citizens and businesses. From digitalisation of services to modernisation of processes, this comparative report outlines the state of play in the design and delivery of public administrative services in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, covering the majority of interactions with government.