Working with SIGMA


Improving the public governance systems of SIGMA partners, especially strengthening the rule of law, is essential to stabilisation and integration into the rules-based global economy. SIGMA provides methodologies and tools to partner administrations in transition to help them create a stable democracy and access the benefits of a free market economy. This enables partners either to fulfill key requirements for EU membership or to create a closer relationship with the EU.

How do we work?


What are the benefits of working with us?

We review and give feedback on:

  • Governance systems and institutions

  • Legal frameworks

  • Reform strategies and action plans

  • Progress in reform implementation

We provide:

  • Recommendations for improving laws and administrative arrangements

  • Methodologies and tools to support implementation

  • Advice on the design and prioritisation of reforms

  • Opportunities to share good practice from a wide range of countries, including regional events

  • Policy papers and multi-country comparative studies



We bring:

  • Experience working with countries in transition since 1992

  • Experts from EU national public administrations

  • Long-term relationships with in-country partners

  • Practitioner-to-practitioner support

  • Flexibility in project design and implementation

  • A combination of EU and OECD expertise

  • Support that complements other EU institution building instruments 


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