Policy development and co-ordination


Policy development and co-ordinationGovernments spend billions of euros in developing services and activities intended to solve problems and improve the quality of life for their citizens. The consequences of poorly designed and implemented policies can be significant and may affect the quality of public services, cause social exclusion and damage economic competitiveness. Policy development and co-ordination is also crucial for governments to manage overarching processes, such as preparing for European integration. 

Effective policy making is comprised of:

  • A well-organised, consistent and competent policy making system at the centre of government institutions.

  • Harmonised policy planning which is aligned with the financial circumstances of the country and helps the government to achieve its objectives.

  • Transparent, legally compliant, understandable and publicly accessible government decisions.

  • Well-functioning parliamentary scrutiny.

  • Inclusive, evidence-based policy and legislative development.

SIGMA assists countries in strengthening their policy development and co-ordination systems. Our activities include:

  • Conducting reviews and diagnostics.

  • Building the capacity of governments to lead and co-ordinate the translation of their priorities into effective work programmes and sequenced actions.

  • Helping to ensure coherence among sectoral policies.

  • Advising on better regulation, quality of legal drafting and regulatory management issues, and approaches to co-ordination of acquis transposition.

  • Assisting with the creation of preconditions for developing inclusive and effective policies and legislation, which can be implemented and monitored.

  • Providing practical solutions using the experience of other countries which have faced similar challenges.



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