• 24-April-2013

    Azeri, PDF, 402kb

    What is a Contracting Authority? (Policy brief No. 3, January 2011, Azeri)

    The public procurement Directives only apply if a body is a contracting authority within the definition of the Directives. This brief gives guidance on the notion of a contracting authority/entity under the directives (especially the concept of “a body governed by public law”). It also analyses whether a contracting authority can participate in joint purchasing or central purchasing.

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  • 24-April-2013

    Azeri, PDF, 442kb

    Economic Issues in Public Procurement (Policy brief No. 2, January 2011, Azeri)

    Effective procurement strategies, which control costs and streamline processes, are vital to all contracting authorities. Pursuing the best value-for-money in public procurement, while keeping the process management costs down, requires several crucial decisions. A number of closely interlinked economic factors come in to play in these decisions. This brief aims to provide practical guidance regarding these decisions.

  • 24-April-2013

    Azeri, PDF, 450kb

    Public Procurement in the EU (Policy brief No. 1, January 2011, Azeri)

    This brief provides a description of the legal framework of the EU public procurement system: two “procedural” Directives for the public sector (2004/18/EC) and for the utilities sector (2004/17/EC), and two other “remedies” Directives (89/66/EEC, 92/13/EEC, both amended by Directive 2007/66/EC). Additionally, Directive 2009/81/EC applies to the procurement of military supplies, works and services.

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