Georgia and SIGMA


Georgia flag

Status: EU Neighbourhood country
Capital City: Tbilisi
Population: 4.9 million
Currency: Georgian lari (GEL)


Georgia signed the EU Association Agreement including provisions for a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area on 18 July 2014, and it has been applied since 1 September 2014. The Association Agreement came fully into force on 1 July 2016.

SIGMA, the EC and the Georgian authorities agreed a work programme in January 2021 that gives priority in the period to June 2022 to co-operating with:

  • The Administration of the Government on developing a revised Public Administration Reform Strategy and a monitoring and reporting framework for the Strategy. Support will also be provided for strengthening policy development and co-ordination following the recommendations set out in the 2018 Baseline Measurement Assessment on the policy development and co-ordination system in Georgia.

  • The Ministry of Finance on developing and improving the monitoring and reporting framework for the Public Financial Management Strategy. Support will also be provided for the further development of the public internal financial management and control systems, including internal audit.

  • The Civil Service Bureau to support the implementation of the Civil Service Law and the development of related secondary legislation, and the development of the Law on Legal Entities of Public Law.

  • The State Procurement Agency and related institutions on the preparation and implementation of the new public procurement legislation, in particular related to the procurement review system, utilities, Public Private Partnerhsips and concessions.



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