Service Design and Delivery in a Digital Age - Academies for EaP countries - Topic 1


As part of the collaboration between SIGMA and the GiZ Regional Fund for the Eastern Partnership, 25 senior level civil servants from the 5 Eastern Partnership countries participated in the first academy held in Paris (6-10 February 2023).


During the first day of the academy, participants received an introduction to the Principles of Public Administration, the basis of SIGMA’s work and the importance of (the legal right to) good administration. Services should be delivered in an effective, predictable, reliable and customer-friendly manner.

Due to rapid expansion of the use of information and communication technologies, electronic service delivery is an effective means to reduce costs, both in time and money, for the users as well as the government. Good service delivery requires that the government understands the need to promote citizen-oriented administration. Good administration is a policy objective put into practice coherently, through various regulatory and other mechanisms, to ensure quality public services. 

These principles were illustrated during a visit to the French Ministry of Transformation and Public Service on day two. The participants were introduced to the activities of the Ministry, such as Public Services + a programme of continuous improvement of public services built on the views and experiences of users and the Barometer of public delivery, driving public sector delivery through results and transparency.

On day three, the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation facilitated a workshop on collaborative innovation and the Belgian Public Service Innovation Lab presented how they propel innovation in the public sector. To underline the importance of data governance and data protection, the Director of the EDPS illustrated the risks and challenges related to service delivery and digitalisation and how data protection should not be seen as an obstacle, but a companion. 

All of the ENP East countries have been actively engaged in improving service delivery for citizens and businesses for some time. The topic of improving service delivery is on the political agenda in all countries in the region. Some have opted for flagship initiatives (often by large-scale, one-stop-shop solutions), some for digitalisation of services, while some have taken an incremental approach towards the service delivery modernisation process.

SIGMA documented the state of play related to service design and delivery in the Eastern Partnership in the report Service design and delivery in the European Neighbourhood Policy East region




"Service design and delivery are critical components of public service as they play a key role in creating value of our society. Participating is a unique opportunity to network, exchange, learn and showcase"

Ms. Turana Gasimova – Deputy Head of the International Relations Department of State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan


During the academy the countries presented some
of the latest initiatives
related to service design
and delivery








"The scope and content was precisely in line with the directions that Armenia has taken and created good ground to get insights on tackling the challenges that we currently face in our endeavours for efficient public service delivery"

Mr. Leonid Avetisyan
Director, EKENG – e-governance agency


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