2020 events





15 December 2020

Are human resource management practices resilient and agile enough to address the next COVID-like crisis?

Virtual event

14 December 2020

Audit of COVID-19 related expenditures (Network of Supreme Audit Institutions of
EU candidates and potential candidates, and the European Court of Auditors)
Agenda I Presentation on the challenges and opportunities for SAIs

Virtual event

2 December 2020

Central public procurement institutions in the Western Balkans (with selected EU country examples)

Virtual event

24 November 2020

Well-being at work for the public sector
Agenda (French I Arabic)

Virtual event

17 November 2020

Series of events in the framework of the OPSI "Government after Shock" initiative

Think fast - Act faster: Innovative responses of the Western Balkans governments in the context of the COVID-19 crisis

Agile government responses to the COVID-19 crisis in the Arab region

Importance of E-tools in ensuring continuity of effective Government decision-making

Virtual events

July-November 2020

SIGMA and ReSPA Public Administration Awards in the Western Balkan region (award ceremony to be held in November 2020)


29 October 2020

Challenges of ensuring evidence-based policy making through regulatory impact assessment and public consultation tools during the COVID-19 crisis: Experiences of the Western Balkans administrations

Virtual event

23 September 2020

New WeBER series ‘European talks’ on public administration reform, featuring the Head of SIGMA Gregor Virant as guest of the first episode.


21 July 2020

E-recruitment practices in the civil service

Virtual event

8 July 2020

Launch of Government at a Glance: Western Balkans

Virtual event

8 July 2020

Human resource challenges during the coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery period (Part 3)
Follow-up discussion on teleworking and well-being of employees

Virtual event

2 July 2020

Seminar for European Neighbourhood East partners on the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis on the Public Administration Reform agenda and the role of the Centres of Government
Summary report I Re-prioritisatiing the Public Administration Reform agenda in response to COVID-19

Virtual event

24 June 2020

Human resource challenges during the coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery period (Part 2)
Seminar for European Neighbourhood South partners on human resource challenges in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Virtual event

23 June 2020

Join SIGMA to celebrate 23 June 2020 which marks the UN’s Public Service Day


10 June 2020

Human resource challenges during the coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery period (Part 1)
Reopening public services after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Virtual event

19 May 2020

Seminar for SIGMA's European Neighbourhood partners on the management of the civil service in the context of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis
Summary report I Presentation by Roula Sylla, SIGMA I Presentation by Xavier Sisternas, SIGMA

Virtual event

29 April 2020

Discussion on the functioning of government and policy co-ordination during crisis with representatives of centre of government institutions from the IPA countries

Virtual event

28 April 2020

Discussion with Western Balkans and Turkey administrations on common challenges and exchange of experience on human resource management during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
Summary report I Annex 2 I Annex 3

Virtual event

26 March 2020

Roundtable on top managerial positions in the civil service

Virtual event

4 March 2020

Workshop on recruitment in the Moroccan public administration


20-21 February 2020

Conference for Supreme Audit Institutions on working with parliaments to improve audit impact


12 February 2020

Meeting with representatives of the Ombudsman of Ukraine


4 February 2020

Focus group meeting: public administration reforms in Lebanon


1 February 2020

Workshop on creating public value for citizens through better policies and better management


27 January 2020

Workshop on guidelines for an effective financial inspection

North Macedonia


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