Public financial management, public procurement and external audit publications



Achieving High Quality in the Work of Supreme Audit Institutions (SIGMA Paper No. 34, 2004)

A Comparison of the EC Procurement Directives and the UNCITRAL Model Law (SIGMA Paper No. 28, 2000)

Advertising (Policy Brief No. 6, SIGMA 2011)

Application of public procurement rules during the COVID-19 crisis from the perspective of the European Union's procurement directives and the Government Procurement Agreement (SIGMA, April 2020)

Audit of Procurement (Policy Brief No. 28, SIGMA 2013)

The Audit of Secret and Politically Sensitive Subjects: Comparative Audit Practices (SIGMA Paper No. 7, 1996)


Baseline Measurement reports (SIGMA, 2015)

Below Threshold Contracts (Policy Brief No. 15, SIGMA 2011)

Budgeting and Monitoring of Personnel Costs (SIGMA Paper No. 11, 1997)

Budgeting and Policy Making (SIGMA Paper No. 8, 1996)


Central Bank Audit Practices (SIGMA Paper No. 24, 1998)

Centralised and Decentralised Public Procurement (SIGMA Paper No. 29, 2000)

Centralised Purchasing Systems in the EU (SIGMA Paper No. 47, 2010)

Central Public Procurement Institutions in the Western Balkans (SIGMA Paper No. 60, 2020)

Central Public Procurement Structures and Capacity in Member States of the European Union (SIGMA Paper No. 40, 2007)

A Comparison of the EC Procurement Directives and the UNCITRAL Model Law (SIGMA Paper No. 28, 2000)

Contract Management (Policy Brief No. 22, SIGMA 2011)


Defence Procurement (Policy Brief No. 23, SIGMA 2011)

Detecting and Correcting Common Errors in Public Procurement (Policy Brief No. 29, SIGMA 2013)

Developing Effective Working Relationships Between Supreme Audit Institutions and Parliaments (SGMA Paper No. 54, 2017)

The Draft Concept for a Financial Control System in the Russian Federation (Lage Olofsson, 2001)


EC Compendium of Public Internal Control Systems in EU Member States (EC & SIGMA, 2012)

Economic Issues in Public Procurement (Policy Brief No. 2, SIGMA 2011)

Effects of European Union Accession: Part I Budgeting and Financial Control (SIGMA Paper No. 19, 1997)

Effects of European Union Accession: Part II External Audit (SIGMA Paper No. 20, 1997)

Establishing Procurement Review Bodies (Policy Brief No. 25, SIGMA 2013)


Financial Management and Control of Public Agencies (SIGMA Paper No. 32, 2001)


Government Debt Management and Operational Risk (SIGMA Paper No. 50, April 2013)

Guidelines for assessing the quality of internal control systems (SIGMA Paper No. 59, June 2019)



Incorporating Environmental Considerations into Procurement (Policy Brief No. 13, SIGMA 2011)

Incorporating Social Considerations into Procurement (Policy Brief No. 14, SIGMA 2011)

Internal Control Systems Report: Volumes I-III (SIGMA, 2004)


Making Supreme Audit Institution Twinning Successful (EC, August 2007)

Managerial Accountability in Public Administration (Bečići, Montenegro, September 2016)
Also available in Albanian I BSC I Macedonian I Turkish

Managing Public Expenditure: A Reference Book for Transition Countries (OECD/SIGMA, 2001)

Monitoring of Public Procurement (Policy Brief No. 27, SIGMA 2013)


Organising Central Public Procurement Functions (Policy Brief No. 26, SIGMA 2013)


Policy Briefs (Entire list)

Principles of Public Administration for EU Enlargement Countries (SIGMA): 2017 I 2014
Overview: 2017 I 2014

Principles of Public Administration: A Framework for ENP Countries (SIGMA, 2016)

Procurement by Utilities (Policy Brief No. 16, SIGMA 2011)

Procurement Tools (Policy Brief No. 11, SIGMA 2011)

Public Procurement in the EU: Legislative Framework, Basic Principles and Institutions(Policy Brief No. 1, SIGMA 2011)

Public Procurement in EU Member States: The Regulation of Contract Below the EU Thresholds and in Areas not Covered by the Detailed Rules of the EU Directives (SIGMA Paper No. 45, 2010)

Public Procurement Review and Remedies Systems in the European Union (SIGMA Paper No. 41, 2007)

Public Procurement Review Procedures (SIGMA Paper No. 30, 2000)

Public Procurement Training Manual (SIGMA, 2015 update)


Relations Between Supreme Audit Institutions and Parliamentary Committees (SIGMA Paper No. 33, 2002)

Remedies (Policy Brief No. 12, SIGMA 2011)

Responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: Mapping the EU member States' public administration responses to the pandemic - for EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood countries, Part 5 (SIGMA, April 2020); also available in French I Main report: in English; in French

Restoring Fiscal Sustainability: Lessons for the Public Sector (GOV Working Party of Senior Budget Officials, 2009)

Risk assessment guidelines COVID-19 (SIGMA, March 2021) I Evaluation of the internal control system (Annex I) I Public financial management risk assessment tool (Annex III)


Selected Judgements of the Court of Justice of the EU on Public Procurement (SIGMA, June 2014)

Selecting Economic Operators (Policy Brief No. 7, SIGMA 2011)

Setting the Award Criteria (Policy Brief No. 8, SIGMA 2011)

State Budget Support to Local Governments (Gérard Marcou, 1994)


Tender Evaluation and Contract Award (Policy Brief No. 9, SIGMA 2011)


Understanding the EU Financial Thresholds (Policy Brief No. 5, SIGMA 2011)

Use of Official Automatic Exclusion Lists in Public Procurement (Policy Brief No. 24, SIGMA 2013)


What are the Public Procurement Procedures and When Can They Be Used? (Policy Brief No. 10, SIGMA 2011)

What is a Contracting Authority? (Policy Brief No. 3, SIGMA 2011)

Which Contracts are Covered by the Procurement Directives? (Policy Brief No. 4, SIGMA 2011)

Working Group on Audit Manuals: Final Report 2003 (SIGMA, 2005)