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Government at a Glance: Western Balkans (OECD, 2020)

Government Debt Management and Operational Risk: A Risk Management Framework and its Application in Turkey (SIGMA Paper No. 50, April 2013)

Guidelines for assessing the quality of internal control systems (SIGMA Paper No. 59, 2019)

Guidelines for preparing post-confinement roadmaps for public bodies (SIGMA, 11 May 2020) - Annex on service delivery (SIGMA, 5 June 2020) I Lignes directrices concernant l’élaboration de feuilles de route post-confinement pour les organismes publics - Annexe sur la prestation de services I Guidelines in Arabic


Human resource management in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19) - Inventory of ideas for civil service authorities, human resource units and line managers (SIGMA, July 2020) - Arabic


Implementation of laws on general administrative procedure in the Western Balkans (SIGMA Paper No. 62, 2021) - Albanian I Macedonian I Montenegrin I Serbian I Ukrainian

Improving Customer Orientation through Services Charters (Czech Ministry of Interior/SIGMA, 2007)

Improving Policy Instruments through Impact Assessment (SIGMA Paper No. 31, 2001)

Improving the Quality of Laws and Regulations: Economic, Legal and Managerial Techniques (1994)

Incorporating Environmental Considerations into Procurement (Policy Brief No. 13, SIGMA 2017)

Incorporating Social Considerations into Procurement (Policy Brief No. 14, SIGMA 2017)

In-house Procurement and Public/Public Co-operation (Policy Brief No. 39, SIGMA 2017)

Integrity risk assessment of the public procurement system in Jordan (SIGMA, 2016)

Internal Control Systems Report: Volumes I-III (SIGMA, 13 May 2004)

Internationalisation of Policy Making (SIGMA Paper No. 6, 1996)


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