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Making Supreme Audit Institution Twinning Successful (EC, August 2007)

Management Challenges at the Centre of Government: Coalition Situations and Government Transitions  (SIGMA Paper No. 22, 1998)

Management Control in Modern Government Administration: Some Comparative Practices (SIGMA Paper No. 4, 1996)

The Management of the Civil Service: European Models (Francisco Cardona, April 2009)

Managerial Accountability in Public Administration (Bečići, Montenegro, September 2016)
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Managerial Accountability in the Western Balkans (SIGMA Paper No. 58, 2018)

Managing Public Expenditure: A Reference Book for Transition Countries (SIGMA/OECD, 2001)

Methodological Framework for the Principles of Public Administration (SIGMA, May 2019)

Modernising the Civil Service (Francisco Cardona, June 2009)

Monitoring of Public Procurement (Policy Brief No. 27, SIGMA 2017)

Monitoring reports SIGMA


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Organisation of public administration: Agency governance, autonomy and accountability (SIGMA Paper No.63, 2021)

Organising Central Public Procurement Functions (Policy Brief No. 26, SIGMA 2013)

Organising the Central State Administration: Policies and Instruments (SIGMA Paper No. 43, 2007)


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