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Papers (SIGMA Papers in the Series, entire collection)

Performance Measurement (Policy Brief No. 21, SIGMA 2017)

Performance Related Pay in the Public Service in OECD and EU Member States (Francisco Cardona, 2006)

Policy Briefs (SIGMA, Public Procurement)

Policy Making Review Kosovo (SIGMA Paper No. 52, 2014)

Policy Making Review Montenegro (SIGMA Paper No. 51, 2014)

Policy Options for Central Governments to Promote Equal Access to Better Services at Local Level: Some European Approaches (Salvador Parrado Diez, 2005)

Political Advisors and Civil Servants in European Countries (SIGMA Paper No. 38, 2007)

The Preparation of Countries in South East Europe for Integration into the European Union (A Mayhew, 2005)

Preparing Public Administrations for the European Administrative Space (SIGMA Paper No. 23, 1998)

Principles of Public Administration for EU Candidate Countries and Potential Candidates (SIGMA): 2017 I 2014

Principles of Public Administration: A Framework for European Neighbourhood Policy Countries (SIGMA, May 2016)

Procurement by Utilities (Policy Brief No. 16, SIGMA 2017)

Procurement Tools (Policy Brief No. 11, SIGMA 2017)

Promoting Performance and Professionalism in the Public Service (SIGMA Paper No. 21, 1997, also in French) - Teacher management: A selected bibliography (related document, IIEP-UNESCO, 2005)

Public administration: Responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: Mapping the EU member States' public administration responses to the pandemic  (for EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood countries, SIGMA, 1-7 April 2020, also in French)

Public Opinion Surveys as Input to Administrative Reform (SIGMA Paper No. 25, 1998)

Public Procurement in the EU: Legislative Framework, Basic Principles and Institutions (Policy Brief No. 1, SIGMA 2017)

Public Procurement in EU Member States: The Regulation of Contract Below the EU Thresholds and in Areas not Covered by the Detailed Rules of the EU Directives (SIGMA Paper No. 45, 2010)

Public Procurement Review and Remedies Systems in the European Union (SIGMA Paper No. 41, 2007)

Public Procurement Review Procedures (SIGMA Paper No. 30, 2000)

Public Procurement Training Manual (SIGMA, Update 2015)

Public Service Training Systems in OECD Countries (SIGMA Paper No. 16, 1997)


Regulatory Impact Assessment and EU Law Transposition in the Western Balkans (SIGMA Paper No. 61, 2021)

Regulatory Management Capacities of Member States of the EU that Joined the Union on 1 May 2004 (SIGMA Paper No. 42, 2007)

Rethinking Europe's Rule of Law and Enlargement Agenda (SIGMA Paper No. 49, 2012)

Relations Between Supreme Audit Institutions and Parliamentary Committees (SIGMA Paper No. 33, 2002)

Remedies (Policy Brief No. 12, SIGMA 2017)

Restoring Fiscal Sustainability: Lessons for the Public Sector (GOV Working Party of Senior Budget Officials, 2009)

The Right to Open Public Administrations in Europe: Emerging Legal Standards (SIGMA Paper No. 46, 2010)

Risk assessment guidelines COVID-19 (SIGMA, March 2021) I Evaluation of the internal control system (Annex I) I Public financial management risk assessment tool (Annex III)

The Role of Ministries in the Policy System: Policy Development, Monitoring and Evaluation (SIGMA Paper No. 39, 2007)


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